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Serralharia Calhau is a company raised three generations ago that is devoted to the provision of manufacturing services and assembly of metalic structures.
Since the beginning of its activity, it has achieved a fast growth and profusion, wich has allowed the development of a weelprepared production structure and the current consolidation of the implantation in the national market with relevant works in the area of aluminum, iron, stainless steel and PVC.
With our help, our customers can identify the areas where improvements are needed and costs can be reduced and a great success in the market can be possible.

João da Costa Simão

He started this activity in 1933.

Moisés Teixeira Calhau

He started this activity in 1975.

Gil Tibério Simão Calhau

He started this activity in 1989.

José Manuel Simão Calhau

He started this activity in 1991.

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