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The pergolas are excellent solutions to enjoy the outdoors comfortably, maintaining a good standard of quality, safety and comfort.


Aluminum Pergolas

Create new spaces to receive family and friends. Wooden Imitation lacquered aluminium pergolas or with standard colors are great solutions to shade your balconyor garden terrace.


Bioclimatic Pergolas of Orientable Blades

In an elegant combination of aesthetics and functionality, bioclimatic pergolas are aluminum structures with adjustable, manual or motorized blades.

The rotation of the blades makes it possible to create a particularly comfortable environment in all seasons, since it is possible to control the sunlight and the degree of natural ventilation in the environment, regulating this wat the temperature.


Bioclimatic Pergolas with Isothermal Ceiling

This very robust isothermal ceiling pergola is incorporated in the outer face by a profile plate and on the inner face by thermolacated aluminum which are joined by a rigid polyurethane foam core.

It includes a drainage system that causes rainwater falling on the panel to extend to one side of the pergola and to be evacuated by the posts.


Straight anchored pergotents

This Pergotent is the ideal solution for contemporary architectural contexts.

The aluminum structure, available in various shades, gives it an aesthetic effect of great prestige.


Curved anchored pergotents

These wall-hung models are made of hard lacquered aluminum, allowing the use of outdoor areas in any weather condition, offering good resistance to sun, wind and rain.

Its innovative motorized roof system can be fabricated with a screen or impermeable anti-static screen. It also allows integrated water management, making it ultra modern and functional.


Indepedent Pergolas

These self-bearing independent pergotent models are manufactured from steel and hard aluminum profiles, lacquered, that allows the use of outdoor areas in any weather conditions, offering good resistance to sun, wind and rain.

It also has several options of side closure, which can be combined.


Suspended Pergotents

With a superb design, this model of hankering, whether curved or straight, allows its installation anchored to a facade without any pillar in the ground.

It is made of hard lacquered aluminum profiles, with an innovative motorized retratilled roof system. This system can be manufactured with screen ignifogo, screen or waterproof, with tensioning system.


Lateral Closure Systems

For a panoramic view, we have tempered glass curtains of 10 mm.

Rolling systems with screen, blackout or crystal screens in a variety of screens and colors with the ZIP system are an excellent choice as they allow the window to be completely free.

For a more efficient thermal and acoustic solution we have PVC or aluminum frames.


Glass Curtains

Being a high efficiency system, it allows an excellent panoramic view, making the space quite versatile, allowing it to become open and closed at the same time. They can be combined with pergolas, pergolas, balconies, terraces, roofs, porches, among other solutions.

The profiles can be lacquered in various colors and can be applied with a normal or recessed system. The glass is tempered and can be of various thicknesses.

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